Use the power of humour to break the “I’m fine” autopilot response during world mental health day on 10th October. Develop a campaign that lives through social media and has the ability to gain traction to reach a wide array of audiences that showcases humour’s ability to empower the nation to open up.

We need to get Brits to understand that it’s important to talk about your feelings. And, more importantly, that there are people actually listening. How? Well, by changing the Walkers name to Talkers. This urges people to talk more – a humorous way of reminding people to break the “I’m fine” autopilot. At the same time, Talkers launch their most important number ever (0116-TALKERS). Every penny from the campaign goes to The Smiles Fund, supporting mental wellbeing. Because remember, crisps may be a small thing – but they can make a big difference. Who you gonna call? Call TALKERS!
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